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New England Home Medical Equipment is the premiere local choice for Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) in central/eastern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire. Due to the clinical background of our team, we bring a higher level of service to our clients.

What products will insurance cover?

We are contracted with most major insurance companies, including Medicare, Medicaid, BCBS, Tufts, and Harvard Pilgrim. For coverage, the insurance or funding source must determine “medical necessity” for the equipment. We will work with your physician’s office and other clinical team members to develop documentation to support the insurance requirements as appropriate.

What is an ATP and what is their role in the process?

An ATP is an Assistive Technology Professional who has received extensive training and has been certified by the Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America (RESNA). The ATP will work with you throughout the process, and is a critical member of your team. The ATP works closely with your physician and PT/OT to evaluate your needs and determine the best mobility solution.

How long does the process take?

There are several people and companies involved in providing appropriate CRT to a client, and this can take time to do it correctly. These are the steps that are necessary:

  1. Evaluation – face-to-face evaluation by ATP, designing a custom solution to maximize function
  2. Medical documentation – working in conjunction with physician, PT/OT and ATP to develop a clinical assessment and agreement of the products required to meet the client needs
  3. Insurance/Funding Source Approval – the medical documentation and technical specification are submitted for approval
  4. Construction of custom solution – ATP works with the vendor to build out the appropriate, custom chair that has been approved by the funding source
  5. Delivery and final fitting – final adjustments are made at delivery by the ATP

What brands do we work with?

  • Sunrise Medical
  • Quantum Rehab
  • Ki Mobility
  • Permobil
  • Invacare
  • Motion Concepts
  • Roho
  • TiLite
  • PDG Mobility
  • Stealth Products
  • Adaptive Switch Labs
  • Therafin
  • Comfort Company
  • Bodypoint
  • Raz Designs