Wheelchairs and Transport Chairs

A Wheelchair is made in such a manner than the person sitting on it can move it him or herself. The rear wheels on a wheelchair are much larger with the intention of hand propulsion. The average wheelchair is about 35 pounds.

A transport chair also has four wheels (all similar size) but a second person is needed to push the chair. The transport chair NEHME carries weights about 15 pounds.

Due to the construction of the seat, it is strongly recommended that a comfort cushion is purchased, especially in longer rental situations. The cushions are sized according to the size of the wheelchair ordered.

Additional information:

  • Wheelchair weight capacity: Up to 350 pounds
  • Available wheelchair sizes: 16W x 16D, 16 W x 18D, 18W x 16D*, 18W X 18D*, 20W x 16D, 20W x 18D (*most common sizes)
  • Transport chair weight capacity: Up to 300 pounds
  • Available transport chair sizes: 19” width

A delivery fee may apply. In store pickup is also available.

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