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Frequently asked questions about NEHME rentals:

What are the terms of rental?

All items are rented on a weekly (7 days) or monthly (30 days) basis. Rental on equipment starts the day the equipment is picked up at our location or received in home and ends when the equipment is returned to our location during business hours or picked up by our personnel.

How is payment made?

We request a credit card on file for the period of the rental term. We will charge the card for each week or month the equipment is kept under rental agreement.

Are there delivery fees?

Many items can be picked up at our location in Chelmsford. Those items requiring delivery may have additional delivery fees.

What if I need to keep it longer?

If an extension is requested, please provide 24-hour notice to determine if we can extend the rental period. If extension is granted, your credit card on file will be charged the next rental fee period until the equipment is returned.

What if I decide to keep the equipment?

In the event that the equipment is not returned, a replacement fee will be charged to your credit card. Although we don’t offer a “rent to own” option, please call our office with special requests.