Monthly Supplies FAQs 

Q: I am out of my products. Can you ship me my next order early?

A: Unfortunately, insurance guidelines are very strict in terms of frequency of delivery of medical supplies. Our team will let you know the first available date for shipment, so that you can plan accordingly. (There is always the option of private-paying for products not covered by insurance because of frequency or quantity issues.)

Q: I run out early every month. Can you ship me more next month?

A: We need to follow the prescription as written by your physician, or approved by your insurance company. Depending on the product and insurance coverage, we may be able to request a prescription for higher quantities from your physician’s office.

Q: What is the process for getting authorization for monthly supplies?

A: There are different guidelines based on the product needed and insurance coverage. Typically, a prescription from your physician and a prior authorization from your insurance is required. The process can take a few weeks if we receive the appropriate documentation from your physician in a timely way.

Q: What can I do to speed up the process?

A: Being involved in the process can help expedite documentation from physician’s offices. We will let you know if we are encountering difficulty acquiring the appropriate medical documentation to provide products and services.

Q: What if my insurance denies the request?

A: We will notify you. Often times denial are a result of incomplete documentation or the request for additional information. If that is the case, we will contact your physician to attempt to get the necessary paperwork. 

Q: I need different supplies or sizes now. Can you simply switch them?

A: If your supply needs change, a new insurance authorization may need to be obtained before delivery. Our customer service team can advise you of the requirements.