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Diabetic Shoes

Durable. Comfortable. Stylish.

Let us fit you with the right diabetic shoes today.

New England Home Medical Equipment is here to help you step into the best diabetic shoes for your medical needs. We have a wide selection of diabetic shoe samples, on-site fitters, and custom insert options. Feel free to learn more about our diabetic shoe products and services online, and stop in to discover the right ones for you.

Fitting Services

Diabetic Shoe Fitting Services

We have a trained team of certified diabetic shoe fitters in store who are experts at fitting any diabetic shoe.

We utilize a custom laser fitting device to make custom inserts as well as cutting-edge technology and manufacturing techniques to ensure total contact and durability. Through our custom process, we'll ensure your patients are comfortable and protected in a diabetic shoe.

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Available Diabetic Shoes

The word diabetic shoe seems to form an image in our mind of a large clunky shoe. But that’s not true! Diabetic shoe styles have come a long way over the years and there is now a huge variety colors and styles, just like regular shoes.

We have a large variety of Dr. Comfort shoe samples and can custom order almost any style!

Did You Know…..

… people with diabetes and neuropathy could be entitled to one pair of diabetic shoes per year? Medicare If you're suffering from diabetes or neuropathy, Part B may cover 80% of the cost of your new diabetic shoes, when specific requirements are met.

Additionally, if you have secondary insurance, the secondary may pick up the remaining 20% of the cost. Some insurance programs also participate in a coverage of yearly diabetic shoes as well.

Contact us with help in determining your eligibility for diabetic shoe coverage.

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