Diabetes Management

Diabetes Management

Affecting more than 29 million Americans, chances are likely you know someone living with diabetes or have it yourself. Diabetes is a disease that can occur when your blood glucose, or blood sugar, is too high. People who are not able to produce enough insulin have type 1 diabetes, while people whose bodies cannot use insulin properly have type 2 diabetes. Having high blood sugar levels can be dangerous – leading to heart disease, strokes, blindness, kidney failure, and even amputation of toes, feet or legs. It’s important to monitor blood glucose levels and manage your insulin levels for good health.

New England Home Medical Equipment is here to guide you in managing your diabetes. Trust us for your Insulin Pumps, CGMs, and supplies. New England Home Medical Equipment is located in Greater Lowell - serving Massachusetts & New Hampshire.

What Supplies do you Need to Manage your Diabetes?

Managing diabetes can be a challenge, requiring frequent testing of blood glucose levels. Rely on tools such as glucose testing strips and devices to test, monitor and supply insulin.

Insulin Pumps & Supplies

Insulin pumps are small devices that contain a cartridge of fast-acting insulin. A precise motor transports insulin from the cartridge into your body through a thin plastic tube. If you are using an insulin pump, it’s important to keep supplies such as rapid-acting insulin, infusion sets, reservoirs to hold the insulin, extra batteries, and an emergency supply of syringes in the unlikely event your pump stops working.

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Continuous Glucose Monitors & Supplies 

Continuous glucose monitors (CGM) and supplies can help you make better informed treatment decisions for optimal glycemic control. A CGM is a small wearable device that continually tracks your glucose levels and notifies you of high and low levels so you can take action.

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