Johnson and Johnson’s Animas Corporation Exits the Insulin Pump Business


Johnson and Johnson’s Animas Corporation Exits the Insulin Pump Business

November 2017

By Gerald Edwards, Business Development Manager for Diabetes Management Division

Animas Corporation announced on Thursday October 5th that it plans to close operations, exit the insulin pump market and has pointed Medtronic as the Partner-of-Choice. An estimated 90,000 customers are to be affected as Animas discontinues the production of the Animas Vibe and OneTouch Ping insulin pumps. So… What does that mean for the Animas pump user?

Both Animas and Medtronic will offer ongoing support for the Animas pumps through a transition period with an option to transfer to the Medtronic MiniMed 630G pump. Depending on the individuals warranty status will determine what options are available. The full list of details and options are listed on the Medtronic website. (

However, there are other insulin pumps on the market for the Animas user to evaluate. Such as the tubeless Omnipod system, or the Tandem pump that communicates with the Dexcom CGM system. It’s extremely important to consult with your healthcare team if you have a preference or would like to explore another insulin delivery method. Also, be aware that other pump manufacturers may have financial or upgrade programs available.

As another diabetes company shuts down operations, growing concerns in the community rise around continuity of care. Patients are yet again limited or offered fewer options and choices for treatment. Competition is necessary in the market place as It leads to innovation and development of next-generation therapies. Yes, it’s worth mentioning that there are exciting reports from Biomedical companies developing new technology. But for now, there is one less option for the insulin pump user to consider.